About Us

20161218_181038What is now Seven Oaks Dairy, LLC, started out as a small family farm in the early 1900’s and has continued to grow and progress through the years. In 2007 the farm was grown from 130 cows to over 500 cows with the addition of our first free stall barn and new milking parlor. In 2008 the partnership of Denis and Jon Lamers was formalized with the creation of Seven Oaks Dairy, LLC. In 2009 the 2nd free stall barn was built and pushed the dairy herd to over 750 cows. Increases in parlor and labor efficiency have allowed the dairy herd to grow to over 900 cows with minimal changes to infrastructure. In 2011 Seven Oaks Dairy, LLC started into the transportation and commodity merchandising business when it purchased its first semi-tractor and trailer. Seeing a need for reliable and timely deliveries of bulk ag commodities and bedding, they continued to grow this part of the business under the dairy name until early 2015 when the transportation and merchandising were split off into their own entities.

20161218_181109Seven Oaks, LLC was formed in 2015 as a transportation brokerage and commodity merchandising business that strives to be an honest and transparent presence in the transportation and bulk feed commodity sales arena. Straight forward and timely communication with customers and our carriers is priority #1! Our bulk feed and animal bedding transloading and storage facility gives us even greater ability to fulfill our customer’s needs.

Seven Oaks Specialized, LLC, formed in early 2015, as well. It is a bulk commodity carrier which features a lineup of modern transportation equipment and personable drivers. We work as a team to make sure that our time-sensitive products get delivered where and when they are supposed to.