Seven Oaks HD is and underground construction contractor located in NE Wisconsin. We provide Horizontal Directional Drilling services for Homeowners, Businesses & public utilities for the installation of Underground Pipes, Cables or Utility Lines without the disruption of excavation.

Installation benefits using directional drilling include:

  • Continuation of normal operation.
  • Avoidance of identified infrastructure installations.
  • Maintain integrity of driveways, roadways, buildings, and natural features.
  • Little or no disturbance to wetlands or other sensitive areas
  • Many unique installation capabilities vs open cut/digging. (entering into/under buildings or tanks)
  • Minimal site restoration.

Product installations include:

  • gas lines
  • Power wire/lines
  • Communication/fiber optic
  • Water lines/water mains
  • Drainage/tile lines
  • Forced/on-grade sewer
  • Casing/empty sleeve installation
  • High pressure waste/manure transfer lines